The Lady's Bedstraw

The Lady's Bedstraw

The Willoughbee have created a sharing picnic box fit for the Duchess! To be enjoyed at home or great as a picnic on a family day out.

Chef will require notice to freshly prepare your order, so please keep that in mind when making your reservation.

The Lady's Bedstraw for two:

Selection of mixed finger sandwiches to include;

• Egg & watercress.

• Cheddar and chutney.

• Homemade Scotch egg.

• Homemade sausage rolls.

• Homemade goats cheese & red onion tartlet.

• Lemon & garlic chicken skewer.

• Mixed leaf salad & cherry tomatoes.

• Chive mayo and chutney.

• Grapes.


Please contact us to place your order 07936752087 or by email

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